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Downloading Adobe Flash Player

When I open a module a message pops up asking me if I wish to complete a download of Adobe Flash Player.  Do I need to download this program?

Yes.  Aim4Excellence™ runs in a program called Adobe Flash Player.  If your computer does not have the most recent version of Flasher Player installed, you’ll be asked to download it before moving forward.  The download is free and you’ll need it in order to continue with Aim4Excellence.   Click here to download it now

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Viewing the Aim4Excellence™ Screen

I can’t see all of the Aim4Excellence™ screen.    What do I need to do so that I can see everything?

Closing menu bars

If you’re having trouble viewing all of the Aim4Excellence™ screen, it’s possible you may have too many menu bars open in your browser.  Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users can easily turn off menu bars by right clicking in the empty space at the top of the browser.  Deselect the menu bars you don’t need.

Adjusting your screen resolution

Sometimes participants also need to adjust their screen resolution for optimal viewing.  PC users can access the Control Panel from the Start Menu.  From the Control Panel double click on Display and then select the Settings Tab.  Drag the slider to the desired resolution.  The optimal resolution for you will depend on your personal preferences and the size of your monitor.

MAC users will need to click on Systems Preferences accessible from the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen (among other places).  Next, select Displays.  Select the desired resolution from the menu.    Whether you use MAC or PC you can repeat these steps to restore your resolution to its previous setting.

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Viewing Videos

The Aim4Excellence™ videos are really choppy and difficult to watch from my computer  What can I do?

Rarely, some Aim4Excellence™ participants have encountered choppiness when viewing videos.   If you experience this difficulty, there are a couple of things you can try.  First, you can pause the segment for a few moments, allowing it to preload, and then click play.   You can also refresh your browser by clicking View and Refresh in Internet Explorer, or View Reload in Mozilla Firefox. 

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I can’t hear the audio when viewing the module.   How do I turn on the volume?

You will need a set of speakers in order to hear the content of Aim4Excellence.  Make sure that the speakers are correctly installed and turned on.  PC users can access the volume control from the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Make sure the Mute option is unchecked and then drag the slider to the desired volume. 

When I open Aim4Excellence™ the audio seems to echo.  What’s wrong?
It’s possible that you’ve accidentally opened the Aim4Excellence™ module twice within your browser.  Check to see if you may have a second copy of the module opened elsewhere and if so, close it out.

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Evidence of Learning

What do the buttons at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning piece do?  How can I be sure my answers have been saved?

You’ll notice at the bottom of each Evidence of Learning piece (EOL) you have two buttons.  The Mark as Complete  button allows you to indicate that you’ve finished the EOL.  Once you click this button, you’ll see that a check mark appears next to the EOL.  The Return Later button allows you to indicate that you need to come back later to complete the EOL.  This is an easy way to see what you’ve completed and what pieces you still need to finish.  Clicking either of these buttons will save your work.  Keep in mind that you can return to any of the EOLs (even those you’ve marked as complete) at any point in the module.  Your work will not be graded until you have completed the entire module and clicked Submit Completed Module for Review.

Where can I go to find out the point value of each of the Evidence of Learning (EOL) pieces in a module?

At the bottom of the Evidence of Learning (EOL) window you’ll see a Summary button.  By clicking this button you can access a summary of the EOLs included in the module, along with their point values.   We encourage you to print this summary to have on hand as you work through the module.  The EOL summary is a useful tool to help you determine which EOLs require the most attention.  The summary also includes a sample rubric to give you a sense of how EOLs are scored.   View a screenshot.

Submit Module for Review

Your work will not be graded until you have completed the entire module and clicked the “Submit Module for Review” button. You’ll find the “Submit Module for Review” button at the very end of the module after the module evaluation. You may navigate to the button from the Contents Menu. By clicking the “Submit Module for Review” button, you are indicating that you have complete and reviewed all of the EOLs in the module and the Aim4Excellence team may score your submission. Show me how.

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