The Aim4Excellence™ Modules

Aim4Excellence™ is an online national director credential available to early childhood administrators across the country. The credential includes nine self-paced modules that cover the essentials of early childhood program administration. Individuals who are interested in attaining the credential must successfully complete all nine modules. Individuals who are not interested in attaining the credential but still want to enhance their professional competence, may register separately for one or more of the modules. Modules can be taken for undergraduate college credit or for noncredit. Each module takes approximately 16 hours to complete and is equivalent to 1 semester hour of college credit.

Module Title
1 Leading the Way
2 Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Staff
3 Promoting Peak Performance
4 Managing Program Operations
5 Building a Sound Business Strategy
6 Planning Indoor and Outdoor Environments
7 Supporting Children’s Development and Learning
8 Creating Partnerships with Families
9 Evaluating Program Quality

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The modules may be taken in any order, however, if you are seeking to complete all nine and attain the credential, it is recommended that you proceed in order beginning with module one. Navigating the module is straightforward. Our Aim4Excellence™ online host instructor will walk you through each module and show you what to do next.

Each module features the expertise of a lead author, engaging content, and rich media. Throughout the modules, you’ll complete exercises, quizzes, assignments, and reflections that help you apply the information to real-life situations. These evidence of learning (EOL) activities must be submitted in order to receive a “Certificate of Completion” for each module. Individuals successfully completing the evidence of learning activities for all nine modules will receive the Aim4Excellence™ national director credential certificate.

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